The Return of 4Eva Tour @ The Gramophone } 04.06.11

Big K.R.I.T. @ The Gramophone - 04.06.11

Maybe not everyone got word that the Big K.R.I.T. Return of 4Eva Tour at the Gramophone was sold-out. Or maybe they heard, but tried to roll the dice and see if some tickets magically showed up at the door. Either way, while waiting in line to get in the recurring scene I saw was groups of bummed people realizing “sold-out” meant just that and turning back and heading home.

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Freddie Gibbs @ The Gramophone } 01.20.11 – Pt. 2

GLC @ The Gramophone - 01.20.11

Note: Part 1 focuses solely on Freddie Gibbs. Did you miss that one? Head over here first!

Before Freddie Gibbs’ appearance in the late evening early morning, an extensive list of local hip-hop/rap talent worked the Gramophone stage showcasing the various styles the city currently has to offer. I’ve been tangentially aware of the scene, but had yet to actually partake in a show, so the night became a great primer of the names out there.

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