Das Racist @ The Firebird w/Danny Brown, Despot } 10.16.11

Das Racist @ The Firebird

While most of the city was enraptured with watching the Cardinals win the NLCS, a decent crowd materialized at the Firebird to catch Das Racist’s triumphant return to town, just a few months after their appearance at LouFest.

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Das Racist @ LouFest 2011

Das Racist @ LouFest 2011

Oh boy. No matter how awesome a festival line-up is, there’s always ONE band that you’re foaming at the mouth to see once they announce the lineup. For me, it was the goofball rap trio Das Racist, who found themselves the only hip-hop act after the Roots cancellation. And from the start with Kool-AD lying on the stage floor pumping iron with a mic stand to their conclusion walking off to Tina Turner’s “The Best,” Das Racist gave a performance that somehow simultaneously straddled the absurd and excellent.

They’re coming back to the Firebird on 10/16. Take heed.

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