Givers @ Cicero’s w/Pepper Rabbit, 1,2,3 } 06.27.11

Givers @ Cicero's

In deciding which shows to shoot on a given week, it sometimes just defaults to trying to grab the biggest name or biggest venue. But sometimes the gems are discovered at the smaller shows, the ones in which your attendance which can later be redeemed for bragging rights when that band explodes to make a bigger name for themselves. Judging by the response from the crowd at Cicero’s, Givers inaugural stop in St. Louis might turn out to be one of those gems.

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The Blind Nils @ Cicero’s } 01.25.11

The Blind Nils @ Cicero's - 01.25.10

The running joke early that evening was people’s guesses as to how long it would take The Blind Nils, the middle act for this evening, to clear the room of all the high schoolers at Cicero’s there to see the first act. Turns out, it didn’t take very long at all. Too bad, since The Blind Nils’ somber folk would probably be something some of those kids would be running back to in 10 years.

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