Murmuration Festival 2016

Murmuration Festival

The first installment of the Murmuration Festival was definitely an ambitious one, celebrating the intersection of tech, art and music on the Cortex campus. I was had the great opportunity to be the official photographer for the weekend and it definitely stretched some photographer muscles that I don’t usually have to exercise within the confines of a photo pit.

If you missed out, here’s a selection of shots from the weekend.

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Scarlet Tanager @ The Pageant } 10.14.16

Scarlet Tanager

I had the pleasure of tagging along with Scarlet Tanager as they played their inaugural show at The Pageant last weekend, opening for Fruition. Behind the scene shoots can sometimes be hit or miss depending on how well you click (or don’t click) with the musicians, but the crew has always been welcoming each time we’ve met and I’m definitely appreciative of them for giving me this opportunity to document the milestone for them.

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