Scarlet Tanager @ The Pageant } 10.14.16

Scarlet Tanager

I had the pleasure of tagging along with Scarlet Tanager as they played their inaugural show at The Pageant last weekend, opening for Fruition. Behind the scene shoots can sometimes be hit or miss depending on how well you click (or don’t click) with the musicians, but the crew has always been welcoming each time we’ve met and I’m definitely appreciative of them for giving me this opportunity to document the milestone for them.

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The Suffers @ Blueberry Hill } 10.08.16

The Suffers

The Houston soul-band The Suffers wrapped up their recent tour with a stop at Blueberry Hill and were nice enough to let me sit in and shoot their setup and soundcheck.

The soundcheck shoot is definitely a different animal compared to the the live show, but I’ve come to really find it an interesting peek behind the scenes. It’s not always glamorous, but provide some insights that you would never have been privy to during the evening show (ex: the presidential nominee events at nearby Washington University impacting the wireless devices, performing a cover of Britney Spears’ ” Hit Me Baby One More Time” to test final sound levels).

This was the band’s first time back since LouFest 2014 and judging from the next day peek at Instagram, it seemed like a lively and successful return.

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LouFest 2016: Day One } 09.10.16

Chris Stapleton

The first day of LouFest was probably the craziest environment to shoot in with it being a mudfest from the prior evening rain, but that still didn’t diminish some great sets put on by headliners (Chris Stapleton, Band of Horses) and locals (Bruiser Queen, Foxing) alike.

Shot for the fantastic Speakers in Code!

(We went backwards, so if you missed our coverage of LouFest Day Two, you can check it out here.)

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LouFest 2016: Day Two } 09.11.16

LCD Soundsystem

Going backwards with the coverage of LouFest, so stay tuned for for Day One coverage coming later. This was my fifth consecutive year covering the festival and is one of the weekends every year that I most look forward to. Every year has been a completely different beast, with the mud being the biggest challenge this time around (the downpour in 2012 was also an interesting one). But still, some really intriguing acts littered the Day Two lineup (Anderson .Paak probably being the biggest standout for me) making it another memorable year for me.

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Gwen Stefani w/Eve @ 08.10.16

Gwen Stefani @ Hollywood Casino

Gwen Stefani and her band kept things lively during an insanely hot summer night at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Crazy to think that it’s been 20 years since Tragic Kingdom came out and that she still packs so much energy into her live performances.

Side note: For whatever reason, this was the first time I actually had to shoot from the soundboard and of course I was not smart enough to bring along a step stool. Thanks to Jon Gitchoff for loaning me his for the third song.

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