Purity Ring @ The Firebird } 08.26.12

Purity Ring @ The Firebird

After two days at LouFest, I’ll admit that crashing in my bed was an enticing option after leaving the festival, but Purity Ring‘s set over at The Firebird proved to be a perfect cap to the weekend.

Purity Ring @ The Firebird
Purity Ring @ The Firebird
Purity Ring @ The Firebird
Purity Ring @ The Firebird
Purity Ring @ The Firebird
Purity Ring @ The Firebird
Purity Ring @ The Firebird

The Montreal duo (Megan James / Corin Roddick) released Shrines barely even a month ago and out of nowhere it’s quickly become one of my favorite albums this year. I’m certainly not the only one to think that, with the venue packed to a near sell-out (a huge achievement considering it was going against the closing night of LouFest).

My advice in picking up the album is one thing. Seeing them in-person is an entirely different recommendation and one I’d highly make. With the band operating under a structure of suspended egg-shaped lanterns synched to the light-bulb drum station operated by Roddick, the performance was mesmerizing visually and very fitting to Purity Ring’s dark sounds. If you haven’t already seen it, check out Pitchfork’s +1 feature where the band gives a little more background on the lighting set.

Random Notes:
-I could have sworn I saw “Anyone in the Flaming Lips” (or something like that) written on the guest list.

-While I was happy that the draw was so huge for the group, it was definitely filled with some very frustrating characters in the crowd. Ugh. Welcome to the new school year.

-Knowing I’d be late and out of luck for a front-row spot, I hauled in the 80-200mm, which turned out to be the difference maker that evening in such a crowded venue. Fortunately the lighting structure (and especially Roddick’s set) provided enough extra front lighting to help out.

*          *          *

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3 thoughts on “Purity Ring @ The Firebird } 08.26.12

  1. Fantastic photos, very vibrant. The lack of ambiance lighting made it difficult to see Megan James, but you definitely captured her *shining* moments. Way to pay homage to their intricate lighting rig!

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