Radar Blips: 1/30 – 2/5

Welcome to Radar Blips, where I quickly highlight three shows that catch my eye. Go see a show and someone please make it stop raining outside.

Old 97’s / Caitlin Rose | Tues. 1/31 | The Pageant

Yes, it’s great that Rhett Miller and the gang are back playing in STL, but I’m excited to hopefully catch songstress Caitlin Rose. I saw her last opening for Johnny Flynn at Blueberry Hill and she was definitely an old-school treat.

This Will Destroy You / Amen Dunes | Tues. 1/31 | The Firebird

TWDY bringing the post-rock, with Damon McMahon’s current lo-fi project Amen Dunes in tow.

Steve Aoki & Datsik | Wed. 2/1 | The Pageant

Need a mid-week pickup? Dim Mak Records founder and electro-house producer Steve Aoki is here to propel you towards the weekend.


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