Radar Blips: 1/16 – 1/22

Welcome to Radar Blips, where I quickly highlight three shows that catch my eye. Go see a show and if you got a three-day weekend because of the MLK holiday, I’m super jealous.

1. Pomegranates w/Volcanoes | Wed 1/18 | The Firebird

Soak in the indie-rock of the Cincinnati band, bringing in the local duo Volcanoes to kick things off.

2. Jack’s Mannequin | Thur. 1/19 | The Pageant

I admit that after seeing JM twice in a week over the summer between Warped and Kanrocksas, I was a little burnt out. But now that I’ve had some time to spend with the new album,¬†People and Things, I’m pumped again to see (and shoot) Mr. McMahon.

And… a trio of local shows on Friday!

Dots Not Feathers, Via Dove, Palace | Fri. 1/20 | Off Broadway

Killer lineup and the sweet sweet tunes of DNF.

Superhero Killer | Fri. 1/20 | Cicero’s

The local soul crew and the Loud Label invite you out party it up as they release their debut EP.

FarFetched release party | Fri. 1/20 | 2720 Cherokee

Celebrate the compilation release of the new FarFetched art/music imprint with performances by Adult Fur, 18andCounting and a whole lot more.


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