The End of 2011. (Part 2)

The Black Keys @ Kanrocksas 2011

A year of shooting shows brought a lot of highlights and lowlights. Let’s do a quick recap of the second half of 2011.

My Morning Jacket @ The Pageant

My Morning Jacket (The Pageant, 8/2)

The tightest photo pit I’ve ever had to squeeze into. But so worth it.

Yelawolf @ Warped Tour 2011

Yelawolf (Verizon Amphitheater, 8/3)

I had a personal goal of shooting at least one festival. August rewarded me with three.

Running from set to set was a bit grueling but Warped Tour provided some fun festival experience.

The Flaming Lips @ Kanrocksas 2011

The Flaming Lips (Kanrocksas Day 1, 8/5)

Todd Owyoung gave me the awesome opportunity to shoot Kanrocksas in his place.

Seemed logical since I’m always getting mistaken for him at shows.

Muse @ Kanrocksas 2011

Muse (Kanrocksas Day 2, 8/6)

Survived Kanrocksas. Spent tons of time with some amazing photographers from St. Louis.

Blink-182 @ Verizon Amphitheater

Blink-182 (Verizon Amphitheater, 8/19)

The Blink pit was pretty packed and when the show started, most flocked to Tom Delonge as he stepped out towards the crowd.

Isolated on the left, I stuck with Mark Hoppus and ended up getting one of my favorite shots of the year.

?uestlove DJ Set @ LouFest 2011

?uestlove DJ Set (LouFest, 8/27)

Hurricane Irene causes the Roots to cancel. Thankfully ?uestlove still came down to spin some tunes.

Let’s hope we get a stop when the group tours for undun.

On a side note, I finally got to eat tons of poutine at LouFest.

My Brightest Diamond @ Old Post Office Plaza

My Brightest Diamond (Old Post Office Plaza, 9/11)

Finally make it out to the Luminary Arts’ Post Performance series. So worth it.

Cecil Otter @ Cicero's

Cecil Otter (Cicero’s, 10/2)

Had no idea until afterwards that he was a co-creator of the Wugazi project. Research those openers, kids.

St. Vincent @ Old Rock House

St. Vincent (Old Rock House, 10/6)

I just wanted to post another picture of Annie.

Mates of State @ The Firebird

Mates of State (The Firebird, 10/31)

Nominee for “Best show / Most disappointing lighting.”

And go Cards!

Adam Thompson (We Were Promised Jetpacks) @ KDHX

Adam Thompson of We Were Promised Jetpacks (KDHX, 11/3)

First in-studio shoot. Such a different experience and one I’m glad to have been directed towards.

Chickenfoot @ The Pageant

Chickenfoot (The Pageant, 11/4)

I’ve tried to embrace the attitude of “shoot everything.”

I felt more out of place at this show than I ever did at a hip-hop show.

Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken House Show

Derek Webb & Sandra McCracken (House Show, 12/8)

First house show attended and shot.

Not the most conducive environment to shoot (every click is definitely heard), but definitely one you don’t get to do everyday.

That wraps up 2011! Bring on 2012!


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