Top 10 Favorite Concerts of 2011: #6 – #10

Girl Talk @ The Pageant - 01.18.11

It’s that time of the year. But before we run down this first installment of my favorite shows attended this year, I wanted to give a huge thanks to everyone that I’ve met through this crazy hobby. STL has some great venues, photographers, reviewers, bloggers, music nerds, venue staff, etc… It’s been great knowing you all. As well, special thanks to KDHX, Eleven Magazine, Speakers in Code, and I Shoot Shows for the fun assignments and every PR contact that was kind enough to take a chance on me.

Of course, I wasn’t able to shoot every show I was hoping to.

So before you complain about shows I didn’t include, here’s my “Top 3 list of shows I didn’t get to go to but really wanted to!

1. Of Montreal (The Luminary Arts, 7/4) – Even at their prior show at the Pageant, the huge stage still felt small considering all the antics and costumes the band employes. So would they be able to pull off a show at one of the smaller venues in town? Apparently they did and word was that it was amazing. I was super devastated to be out of town for this show.

2. F-cked Up (The Firebird, 7/3) – Seeing how they just announced a hiatus, I’m guessing I probably won’t have a chance to see the Canadian hardcore group. At least Bryan Sutter snagged me a copy of David Comes to Life on vinyl that night to ease the pain.

3. Arcade Fire (Scottrade Center, 4/21) – Seemed like every music blogger/photographer was at this show. I had to look away from my Twitter feed that evening.

OK. Here we go!

tUnE-yArDs @ Off Broadway

#10 – tUnE-yArDs (Off Broadway, 11/8) – Seeing her loop vocals and instrumental blurbs into her magnificent quirk-pop in person gave me a bigger appreciation of her craft.

Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl

#9 – Dawes (Vintage Vinyl, 6/6) – Perfect luck that Dawes was in town supporting Bright Eyes the same evening that their newest album, Nothing Is Wrong, was released. So after their performance, the band trotted over a few blocks on Delmar to play a private show for an intimate group of fans.

My Morning Jacket @ The Pageant

#8 – My Morning Jacket (The Pageant, 8/2) – Happy birthday to me. I jumped on the MMJ bandwagon after listening to Circuital and this show was an absolute stunner.

The Antlers @ The Firebird

#7 – The Antlers (The Firebird, 6/10) – Hospice was fantastic, but such a downer that I rarely revisited it. Fortunately, the Brooklyn band inject enough rock energy into their live performance to make the experience an enjoyable catharsis.

My Brightest Diamond @ Old Post Office Plaza

#6 – My Brightest Diamond (Old Post Office Plaza, 9/11) – Huge props to the Luminary Arts for matching such an intriguing performer with their Post Performance series. Shara Worden is a tiny lady, but she owned the entire block downtown that evening with her voice.

Halfway there! Check back in a few days for the rest of my list!


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