The End of 2011. (Part 1)

Neon Indian @ The Firebird

Before closing up shop for the year, I thought it’d just be fun to take a quick look back through some highlights (and lowlights, no pun intended) in 2011. This post covers the first half of 2011. Tune back in later for the second half.

Freddie Gibbs @ The Gramophone - 01.20.11

Freddie Gibbs (The Gramophone, 1/20)

My first hip-hop show, where I learned that set times are just a loose suggestion.

The Dive Poets @ The Pageant - 02.12.11

The Dive Poets (The Pageant, 2/12)

The photos on the wall are an interesting history of who’s been through the Pageant.

Bo and the Locomotive @ The Pageant - 02.12.11

Bo and the Locomotive (The Pageant, 2/12)

Those balloons were such a great simple touch.

Menomena @ The Gargoyle - 03.10.11

Menomena (The Gargoyle, 3/10)

The reddest show ever.

Ra Ra Riot @ The Firebird - 03.15.11

Ra Ra Riot (The Pageant, 3/15)

One of the first shows after getting my Nikon 14-24mm lens. Such a fun addition to the inventory.

Destroyer @ The Luminary Center for the Arts - 03.28.11

Destroyer (The Luminary, 3/28)

Ahhhh, Dan Bejar. Such an interesting guy.

Big K.R.I.T. @ The Gramophone - 04.06.11

Big K.R.I.T. (The Gramophone, 4/6)

Thank goodness Big K.R.I.T. and Freddie Gibbs are amazing performers. It’s a minor consolation when you’re still waiting near 1 AM for the show to start.

Wayne Coyne @ Vintage Vinyl - 05.12.11

Wayne Coyne (Vintage Vinyl, 5/12)

After hearing that Wayne stuck around until 11 PM to make sure he greeted everyone that came through, my respect for him increased ten-fold.

Third Eye Blind @ The Arch - 05.18.11

Third Eye Blind (The Arch, 5/18)

Band drops a tweet about playing an impromptu show under the Arch and an interesting experiment ensues.

Jimmy Eat World @ The Pageant - 05.28.11

Jimmy Eat World (The Pageant, 5/28)

My first experience with the photo right grab. Regardless, it was awesome to finally see Jimmy Eat World.

Jill Andrews @ Vintage Vinyl

Jill Andrews (Vintage Vinyl, 6/9)

I asked if she’d sign some pictures from a previous show I shot of hers at Off Broadway and probably came off as a creepy stalker.

The Head and the Heart @ Vintage Vinyl

The Head and the Heart (Vintage Vinyl, 6/13)

I’ve tried to make it a habit of shooting bands that I may not even be familiar with. It’s fun realizing later that they were a big deal.

Matt & Kim @ The Pageant

Matt & Kim (The Pageant, 6/23)

Some shows are just a pure joy to shoot.

Back in a few with Part 2!


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