Radar Blips: 12/12 – 12/18

Welcome to Radar Blips, where I quickly highlight three shows that catch my eye. Go see a show and if you’ve found my green jacket that I like to wear to shows, can you let me know?

Kathryn Calder | Tues. 12/13 | Cicero’s

Cannot wait. The New Pornographers’ vocalist is back with Bright and Vivid and is personally one of my favorite NP members. Plus this show is being put on by blog buddies Speakers in Code.

Josh Caterer | Tues. 12/13 | The Firebird

The Smoking Popes / Duvall frontman is ready to get you in the holiday spirit with this new EP, The Heart of Christmas. Expect warm fuzzies.

Fragile Porcelain Mice | Fri. 12/16 | Pop’s

It’s their 20th anniversary show. I always wanted to go to a FPM show in high school. Congrats, now you know my age.


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