Radar Blips: 12/5 – 12/11

Welcome to Radar Blips, where I quickly highlight three shows that catch my eye. Go see a show and have some manners and say thanks to those running the door.

Switchfoot w/Cavo | Tues. 12/6 | The Pageant

The first of the Point’s Ho Ho Shows hits this week with the SoCal rockers Switchfoot coming to town. Vice Verses was released a few months back and is worth your attention.

Volcanoes | Sat. 12/10 | The Heavy Anchor

The St. Charles duo recently signed to Afternoon Records and my local circles are buzzing hard about the band. People have also been speaking well of this new bar/venue, so two birds with one stone!

JC Brooks and the Uptown Sound | Sat. 12/10 | Off Broadway

Word was that the Chicago soul crew tore it up when they played the last Indie Rock Ice Cream Social. They’re back. Get your dancing shoes shined and ready.


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