tUnE-yArDs @ Off Broadway w/Pat Jordache } 11.08.11

tUnE-yArDs @ Off Broadway

Even though tUnE-yArDs has passed through our fine city three times before, this evening marked her first as the headliner and a sell-out crowd packed into Off Broadway to help celebrate the occasion.

Pat Jordache @ Off Broadway
Pat Jordache @ Off Broadway

Before last night, I was completely unfamiliar with Pat Jordache, along with his bass and ponytail, only afterwards learning of his time in the now-defunct Sister Suvi with Garbus. With a nice utilization of two drummers, Jordache and his three bandmates (all given the Jordache surname Ramones-style), showcased some energetic pop with a dark streak (mostly attributable to Jordache’s low vocals).

tUnE-yArDs @ Off Broadway
tUnE-yArDs @ Off Broadway
tUnE-yArDs @ Off Broadway
tUnE-yArDs @ Off Broadway
tUnE-yArDs @ Off Broadway

By the time Merrill Garbus took the stage with her backing musicians, the crowd suffocatingly packed in and ready to party along to her lo-fi/R&B/tribal/weird songs and the face-painted, humongous earring-wearing one-woman army was ready to deliver. Two songs in, she unleashed “Gangsta” and it felt like the venue floor could legitimately collapse under all the dancing and bobbing. Watching tUnE-yArDs at work was fascinating to me, where the components presented didn’t always make sense at first (an isolated tap on the drums, a strange vocal line) but eventually combined to reveal the familiar melodies. Yet it was all created in a way that felt magical and effortless, rather than cold and calculated. The lesson was to be patient and just trust the lady rocking the face paint.

Random notes:

-Kind of bummed with the lack of face painted attendees.

-Concert etiquette gripe: If you want or need get close to the stage for the headliner, do us all a favor and earn it by getting to the venue earlier. Just don’t try and weasel your way in front of others who have put in their time to get there.

w h o k i l l is pretty much a lock to be in my Top 10 albums of 2011.

-Got into a comic discussion with Annie from IWTAS after the show. She recommended Adrian Tomine’s Optic Nerve. I recommended Scott Snyder’s American Vampire and Jeff Lemire’s Animal Man and Essex County.

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