Das Racist @ The Firebird w/Danny Brown, Despot } 10.16.11

Das Racist @ The Firebird

While most of the city was enraptured with watching the Cardinals win the NLCS, a decent crowd materialized at the Firebird to catch Das Racist’s triumphant return to town, just a few months after their appearance at LouFest.

Despot @ The Firebird

Making up for a late start, Despot arrived on stage and dove quickly into a set of harsh delivery and heavy rhymes, hopefully coming soon to an album near you with the help of the guys in Ratatat. The rapper even tossed in a free aerobics class in between songs, helpful to get those heart rates ready for dancing to Das Racist later.

Danny Brown @ The Firebird
Danny Brown @ The Firebird
Danny Brown @ The Firebird
Danny Brown @ The Firebird

The recent SPIN highlight on Detroit rapper Danny Brown had me intrigued, even though I knew his vulgar meanderings probably wouldn’t float my boat. But balancing out his bleaker material, Brown’s wacky persona manages to lighten the mood, between sporting a Tigger tailcoat, nasally high delivery and flashing that unforgettable gap-toothed smile. Check out his XXX mixtape for further insight.

Das Racist @ The Firebird
Das Racist @ The Firebird
Das Racist @ The Firebird
Das Racist @ The Firebird
Das Racist @ The Firebird

Judging by the response to the trio at LouFest, you either love Das Racist or don’t care for their shtick. I’m in the former category – the guy who chuckles at them announcing every song as “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” (with the extra kicker of not even playing it) and constantly referring to the town as New York. Jokes aside, the crew tosses out rhymes weaving connections both high and low brow, literate and stoned. And it’s funny how the trio manages to put on an energetic show despite Kool AD seemingly sitting down on a table for sizeable amounts of time and Heems off in corners playing guitar with his microphone. Their show that night solidified a few things: Heems was right, these guys are really good at rapping…and we suck at helping Kool AD crowd surf even if he gives us a redo.

Random Notes:

-Before Das Racist started, they uttered the phrase no photographers want to hear: “Can you turn off the lights?” Probably the darkest show I’ve had to shoot at the Firebird, with even less light than the Raekwon show, pushing the F1.4 lens to the limit.

-My streak of failed hi-fives / hand slaps at hip hop shows was broken with a perfect connect with Danny Brown. Small victories, people.

-MVP for the evening goes to Lakutis (would you say DJ? Or just guy working the computer?) and his hilarious dance moves and expressions.

-“Michael Jackson” might be my favorite single this year.

-Sorry to bring it back to sports for a second, but how crazy was that Cards/Brewers game? It went from 5-1 to 12-4 in the time it took for me to go from my car to inside the venue.

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