Radar Blips: 10/10 – 10/16

Welcome to Radar Blips, where I quickly highlight three shows that catch my eye. Go see a show and remember to charge your camera batteries the night before.

Matthew Sweet | Sat. 10/15 | Blueberry Hill

Girlfriend is 20 years old. I feel old. Come celebrate your entry into middle adulthood with the crowd at Blueberry Hill and listen to Matthew Sweet perform the album in its entirety along with other hit favorites.

Saves the Day w/Bayside, I Am the Avalanche, Transit | Sun. 10/16 | Pop’s

The New Jersey group has resurfaced to put out Daybreak and hit the road. Their third album, Stay What You Are, spun constantly while I was at college and while I haven’t kept up with the group much since, I’m curious to hear what people think of the show.

Das Racist w/Danny Brown, Despot | Sun. 10/16 | Firebird

The trio was one of my LouFest highlights and can’t wait to see what they have in store for us this time around. Along for the tour is rapper Danny Brown, whose ugly and offbeat rhymes on his XXX mixtape are gaining some attention. Getting kicked out of G-Unit for his jeans, didn’t hurt either.


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