A Perfect Circle @ Kanrocksas 2011

A Perfect Circle @ Kanrocksas 2011

Having already seen and basked in the mashup madness of Girl Talk a few months back, I opted to check out A Perfect Circle on the other side of Kanrocksas on the Ad Astra Stage. Sometimes taking chances on a band you’re not familiar with pays off.

A Perfect Circle @ Kanrocksas 2011
A Perfect Circle @ Kanrocksas 2011

A Perfect Circle @ Kanrocksas 2011

The Good: Never was a Tool fan, but I actually dug what I heard of APC. With some sunlight still out, getting a shot of lead singer Maynard Keenan (usually hidden in the dark, I’m told) was actually possible. Kudos to APC’s management who actually enforced the no-video policy by jumping down into the pit to reprimand one rule breaker.

The Bad: The dreaded two-song limit.

The Irrelevant: My complete lack of Tool / APC knowledge is illustrated by me not even noticing Maynard in the back corner until midway into the second song.

The Administrative Stuff: Full photo set | Facebook | Email musicvsman@gmail.com for prints


Hi Kanrocksas people!

It was neat to find out that the festival picked up this APC post for reposting on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks for visiting the site and feel free to browse the other Kanrocksas coverage. In response to some of the FB comments so far, I thought I’d just clarify a few things real quick:

-This isn’t a site for serious music/concert critiques. Concert photography is the focus here. Sorry dedicated APC fans, you’ll have to find your comprehensive reviews elsewhere.

-The 2 song limit mentioned above relates to how many songs the photographers could spend in the pit taking photos. Most bands have a 3 song limit, but that’s just up to each band. APC’s guidelines also specifically stated no video, so that was a rule strictly for those in the photo pit.

-My goal at Kanrocksas was to check out tons of shows, regardless of whether I was familiar with them or not. Through this site I’ve enjoyed trying out bands I otherwise wouldn’t have checked out. Heavens forbid I check out A Perfect Circle and actually dig the show.

Thanks again for stopping by!


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