Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl } 06.06.11

Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl

What’s better than a Dawes show? How about a double dose of the Los Angeles AM-country rock band in one night?

Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl
Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl
Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl
Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl
Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl
Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl
Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl
Dawes @ Vintage Vinyl

St. Louis lucked out with the band’s first night on the Bright Eyes tour coinciding with the release of Nothing is Wrong and Vintage Vinyl helped celebrate the occasion with a private release party after the Pageant show. Free Schlafly and a chance to meet the band awaited those who pre-ordered the album, with the evening (or should I say early morning?) culminating in an intimate acoustic mini-concert. The mostly slower song set was stripped down to Taylor Goldsmith, his guitar and the occasional backing vocals (lucky bassist Wylie Gelber got to just kick back and relax), leaving the crowd at near silence to take in every note. Seriously folks, it was one of those “you had to be there” times and both the band and Vintage Vinyl deserve praise for putting together such a great event.

Be sure to come back in a few for pictures from their Pageant performance with Bright Eyes. Head on over to Muzzle of Bees for some video of the performance. (Realizing his position, I think I squatted next to him during the show. Hope I didn’t get in the way.)

Photo notes: Normally during a show, photographers can fire off 100+ shots just to get a handful of usable shots of a band, but an event like this completely destroys that approach. With the quiet room attentively listening to the Dawes performance, every shutter click felt like a gun going off and I was even afraid to move my camera bag. Consequently, I took less than 10 shots, making sure that each one counted.

The Administrative Stuff:

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