William Fitzsimmons @ The Firebird w/Slow Runner } 05.01.11

William Fitzsimmons @ The Firebird

The combination of rain and a delay in opening venue doors would seem to be a lethal combination to the mood of the crowd, but the fans patiently waiting outside the Firebird for the William Fitzsimmons show proved to be a class act. Their reward for such good behavior? A fantastic set from the Illinois songwriter and South Carolina band Slow Runner.

Get ready for a rapid fire concert rundown!

Slow Runner @ The Firebird - 05.01.11
Slow Runner @ The Firebird - 05.01.11
Slow Runner @ The Firebird - 05.01.11
-Slow Runner’s keyboard-driven pop was addicting, swinging from slow serenades to percussion-led pop, seemingly perfect listening for those in relationship catharsis.

-Really impressed by how each member played multiple instruments throughout the set.

-Really really impressed by the mustaches sported by 2/3rds of the band.

-STL > Iowa.

-Apparently “You’re All I Need” is used in a Nivea commercial. My face washing now has an awesome soundtrack.

-After their set, I overheard a few “Hey those guys were pretty good!” and it seems like their latest album Damage Points is worth checking out.
William Fitzsimmons @ The Firebird
William Fitzsimmons @ The Firebird
William Fitzsimmons @ The Firebird
William Fitzsimmons @ The Firebird

William Fitzsimmons @ The Firebird

-This was my third time seeing Fitzsimmons and I’ve always been super amazed at how respectful his fans are. Conversations cease. Drinks held still. Total silence during his songs. Great job crowd! A+

-Slow Runner served as his backing band for a number of songs. I wondered how that was going to go over, wondering if things wouldn’t feel as intimate as they do when it’s just him and his guitar. I left the show with a positive feeling about more instruments. Some of the older material felt new again with the simple addition of keyboard or another guitar.

-Is it weird that I get as excited for his jokes in between songs as I do for the songs themselves? I think the night’s highlights included Fitzsimmons describing himself as “a big ol’ bearded marijuana joint, but sadder” and shouting “Let’s f-ing do this!” and giving a furious high-five to a Slow Runner band member before starting the song.

-His new album, Gold in the Shadow, is $5 during May at AmazonMP3. Go forth and purchase!

-You know how people have those “I was there when….” stories? I guess I can tell my kids I was at the William Fitzsimmons show when the Osama news broke.

-Anyone check out his Vintage Vinyl in-store?

Photography Notes: I was super jazzed to try out my new (used) 80-200mm lens which came in handy picking up shots of Josh Kaler (Slow Runner’s drummer/multi-instrumentalist) hanging out in the back and a few side shots of Fitzsimmons. In hindsight, I probably would have tossed in a prime lens into my bag instead of my 14-24mm to help combat the dim lights.

Thanks for reading. Check out the full photo set here.


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