Dum Dum Girls @ The Billiken Club } 02.23.11

Dum Dum Girls @ The Billiken Club - 02.23.11

I grabbed the Dum Dum Girls’ debut album, I Will Be, very late in 2010 during an AmazonMP3 $5 binge, but it ended up buried in my musical backlog for months. The subsequent announcement of their show at The Billiken Club ended up being the catalyst for taking the time to listen to the album and I was quickly won over by the fuzzed-out night-time pop from the California quartet and was eager to catch their inaugural visit to St. Louis.

Fast forward to the show, where the group arrived (albeit a little later than this old man would have preferred) with a few subtle visuals (amplifiers silk-screened with their band name, trademark black outfits) that distinctly transformed the Billiken Club stage into Dum Dum territory. The group tore through their material without much downtime between songs and sounded fantastic live, aided by their charisma and energy. Leaving that night, I really hoped it wouldn’t be too long before the Dum Dum Girls would make their way back to town.

Shot for Eleven Magazine.

Dum Dum Girls @ The Billiken Club - 02.23.11
Dum Dum Girls @ The Billiken Club - 02.23.11
Dum Dum Girls @ The Billiken Club - 02.23.11
Dum Dum Girls @ The Billiken Club - 02.23.11
Dum Dum Girls @ The Billiken Club - 02.23.11


Random Notes:

-While the actual concert was a treat, shooting them was pretty rough, with the lights mostly cut during their set. Expecting a dark environment, I made sure to take my Sigma F1.4 and it ended up being the key in getting some good shots that evening. Another challenge was being next to our city’s infamous concert dancer, where avoiding his swaying body to get shots from the left side of the stage became an interesting game. (I credit all those years of videogames for learning timing patterns.)

-Minks and Dirty Beaches opened the evening. Check back in a few days for pictures of them.

-Unable to stay their entire set, I missed an encore cover of The Smiths’ “There is a Light That Never Goes Out.”

-Tons of other coverage worth checking out: Kate McDaniel (KDHX), Kelly Glueck (Playback:STL) and Mike Appelstein (RFT A to Z)

-While waiting for doors to open, the Dum Dum Girls walked by and I cracked a joke about the black attire. Their retort was nicely played:

Dum Dum Reply
-Not really music related, but while waiting for the show to start I read a few comics. The easy standout was Who Is Jake Ellis #2 by Nathan Edmundson (writer) and Tonci Zonjic (artist) from Image Comics. Fantastic action. Even more fantastic art.



3 thoughts on “Dum Dum Girls @ The Billiken Club } 02.23.11

  1. hey – i must have been standing right behind you – i was the guy w/the young marble giants t-shirt and the conspicuous notebook. what an amazing show.

  2. Hey Mike! Yeah, I figured that was you, especially after noticing the notebook. We’ll have to formally introduce next time we’re at the same show

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