Dawes @ The Gargoyle } 10.26.10

Dawes @ The Gargoyle - 10.26.10

Even though our buddy Travis at 5 Score Pachyderm has been exalting the praises of Dawes for some time now, I put aside listening to North Hills for quite some time. It was a bad decision on my part and to make up for the lost time, the AM-radio folk rock of Dawes has been on constant repeat on my iPhone these last few weeks leading up to their show at The Gargoyle.

The night of the Dawes show was a weird evening for concert goers, with plenty of other great shows to choose from around town, leading to a barely half-full crowd at the venue. But I doubt the die-hard fans cared as it gave them a great opportunity to be up close and intimate with the Los Angeles quarter as they made their way through North Hills and even some new material. In person, Dawes seems less folk-rock and more rock-folk, where songs like “Love Is All I Am” and “When You Call My Name” carry more bite and energy, but I enjoyed it just the same.

Supposedly a new album is due mid-next year. This time I won’t make the same mistake. Until then, enjoy the pictures from the show below:

Dawes @ The Gargoyle - 10.26.10

Dawes @ The Gargoyle - 10.26.10

Dawes @ The Gargoyle - 10.26.10

Dawes @ The Gargoyle - 10.26.10



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