St. Louis Secret Sound Festival – This Weekend!

I don’t have any puns or witty sayings involving “secret,” so let’s just move onto the facts. The St. Louis Secret Sound Festival is happening this weekend (Oct 29 & 30), an interesting collection of music and art on display at various venues along the ever-growing “place-to-be” Cherokee Street.

I’m not really leading by example here since I’m not sure if I’ll be attending, but I still hope a lot of people go check it out. Regardless, let’s play the hypothetical game of “If I was going, I am curious to see…” To be honest, I don’t know anything about tons of these bands, but isn’t discovering new bands the fun part about these festivals?

Check out the full schedule here.

1:45 pm – Sleepy Kitty (Firecracker Press) – The duo sounds like they’d musically be up my alley, but I just haven’t been to any shows where they’ve been the opener. As well, Firecracker Press seems like a fun place to look around.

2:00 pm – Birthdays (Apop Records) – Lone guy vs. electronics. Equal chances I’ll love it or hate it.

3:45 pm – Netherfriends (2720 Cherokee) – Musician attempting to record 50 songs in 50 states.

5:00 pm – Annie Zaleski (Mud House) – DJ set by the resident queen of RFT’s A to Z. She gave me a photo pass to the Owen Pallett show. It’s possible I owe her my firstborn or something.

6:00 pm – end – Lavelle Spitz / Scriptz ‘n Screws / Safety Words (Cranky Yellow) – I have yet to shoot a hip-hop show and with all this talk about the up and coming STL hip-hop scene, this would be a great primer. Plus, I have yet to witness Safety Words’ Nintendo/Wu-Tang Clan mashupery.

After that everyone heads back to 2720 Cherokee for the afterparty featuring Black Spade. This old man most likely heads home because it’s getting late.

/End Louis’ hypothetical trip to the St. Louis Secret Sound Festival

Have fun everyone!


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