The Walkmen @ Off Broadway } 10.20.10

The Walkmen @ Off Broadway - 10.20.10

Other than enjoying their fourth album, You & Me, and having memories of owning a Jonathan Fire*Eater album at some point in college, I don’t know too much about The Walkmen. Admittedly I was at Off Broadway to see Japandroids, but the overwhelming majority of the sold-out crowd were clearly fans of The Walkmen and their recent release, Lisbon.

For whatever reason, I’ve never had much impetus to check out their material, but I admit that I left the show really impressed in certain respects. The Walkmen aren’t preoccupied with being flashy or demanding your attention. Even when singer Hamilton Leithauser yells, he still stands gracefully upright. The Walkmen seem like a group of guys just focused on making good and mature-sounding music, which is something I can totally respect.

The Walkmen @ Off Broadway - 10.20.10

The Walkmen @ Off Broadway - 10.20.10


Random Notes:

-The sold-out show meant picking your spot to take pictures and spending your night pretty much locked there. I opted the right side to shoot Japandroids at the expense of The Walkmen set, where Hamilton’s use of his left hand to hold the microphone obscured most shots. Pulled out a few shots for the set, but the dim lighting made for a difficult shoot.

-Have you checked out the Japandroids set?


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