Japandroids @ Off Broadway } 10.20.10

Japandroids @ Off Broadway - 10.20.10

I really regretted missing out on Japandroids the last time they came through town (Billiken Club, w/Surfer Blood!), so their opening set for The Walkmen at Off Broadway was a priority for me on the concert calendar. Having checked out video/reviews/pictures of earlier shows, I thought I was prepared for the Japandroids experience, but that changed a little when I walked into the venue and saw the wall of amps dominating the backside of the stage. A nice heads up for the rock assault that would soon take place at the hands of the Vancouver duo.

More pictures and notes after the break:

Japandroids @ Off Broadway - 10.20.10

Japandroids @ Off Broadway - 10.20.10

Japandroids @ Off Broadway - 10.20.10

Japandroids @ Off Broadway - 10.20.10


Random Notes:

-If you’re like me and a fan of energetic bands, Japandroids are definitely a must-see. Singer/guitarist Brian King mans the front stage with ferocious shouting and head shaking, every now and then moving to steps placed in front of David Prowse’s drumset. And while King is the more visible and recognizable of two, Prowse’s contributions are clearly noticeable when you get close enough to the stage and feel how much it’s shaking.

-I’m happy to announce that Post-Nothing was my very first vinyl purchase.

-With all the recent concussion and head injury discussions in the NFL, I couldn’t stop thinking about how intensely and violently King shakes his head. I’m guessing the line from “Young Hearts Spark Fire” would be indicative of their response (“I don’t wanna worry about dying / I just wanna worry about those sunshine girls”)



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