Owen Pallett @ The Pageant } 9.30.10

Owen Pallett @ The Pageant - 9.30.10

Having missed out on his time spent under the Final Fantasy moniker, I picked up Owen Pallett’s latest release (Heartland) earlier in the year and pleasantly enjoyed its ethereal blend of orchestral and electronic elements. So heading into The Pageant, where he was opening for The National, I was really looking forward to seeing the live construction of his songs. I abstractly knew about his use of looping, but it was interesting to see Pallett (and his accompanying instrumentalist) lay out the pieces and build them into bigger entities. And even though I still don’t know how it all works exactly, it not like that really matters. When you hear the pitter-patter electronics intersecting with the violin crescendo in songs like “Lewis Takes Off His Shirt,” you have the tendency to just get lost enjoying Pallett’s compositions.

Enjoy pictures from the night and more notes after the break.

Owen Pallett @ The Pageant - 9.30.10

Owen Pallett @ The Pageant - 9.30.10

Owen Pallett @ The Pageant - 9.30.10

Owen Pallett @ The Pageant - 9.30.10


Random Notes:
-Huge thanks to Annie Zaleski (RFT A to Z) who helped me out after a photo pass snafu. Without her, I would have missed Pallett’s entire set.
-I was a big fan of Pallett’s outfit, simple khaki suit over a clean white dress shirt, which looked very refined and reflective of his music.
-Surprisingly, my wife (who usually doesn’t enjoy the same music I do) left a huge fan. To her, it conjured up the feeling of listening to vintage musicals. If Pallet ever scored a soundtrack or Broadway musical, my wife would definitely want to know.
-Shows like this definitely make me want a telephoto lens. Pallett generally stood contained within a small area behind his keyboard a little back from the front of the stage. Combined with the various microphone stands and equipment surrounding him, unobstructed shooting angles were sparse.


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