PLAY:stl 2010

Tonight, PLAY:stl 2010 kicks off! $20 gets you a Chipotle burrito and access to all shows Wed-Sat and be sure to check out the schedule to see some of the great local and national acts coming through.

I’ll be missing out on most of the fun, but I’ll definitely be heading out tomorrow to Cicero’s to see Iowa’s indie rockers, Poison Control Center. Their current album, Sad Sour Future, has been on constant rotation on my iPhone this last week and after seeing some clips of their live performances, it looks like attendees will be in for a great performance. If you’re cool enough, you might even make their Tumblr page with fun recaps of each night on their tour.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. follows their set and I’m curious to check them out after reading about them on our buddy site 5 Score Pachyderm. If you’re willing to stay up,  The Hood Internet close out the evening and are bound to be a great time. It kills me to miss them again, but their 11:50 PM starting time is way too late for this old man.

Look forward to PCC and DE Jr. Jr. pics this weekend and enjoy PLAY:stl!

Bonus question: What bands are you looking forward to seeing at PLAY:stl?


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