Light Pollution – Apparitions

The story behind Light Pollution’s first full-length album, Apparitions, is that its genesis stems from a lonely winter spent by songwriter Jim Cicero wrestling with spirituality and anxiety in a warehouse near Chicago. Being aware of that context, you can imagine each track of Apparitions as some moment during that long winter, from the sprawling and contemplative track “Ssslowdreamsss” reflecting the sad and somber nights awake to the shimmering electronic flourishes and psychedelic pop of “Good Feelings” reminding you of sunlight glistening on fresh snow. Over its nine tracks, the album isn’t a straight progression and Light Pollution takes ample opportunities to explore musical tangents. They don’t always work, sometimes being momentum killers (“Deyci, Right On”) but when they do (“Bad Vibes”) the anthemic climaxes are wonderful revelations.

You might recall that I ended up only catching the last long from Light Pollution’s set last time they came through opening for Cults. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait long until their next stroll through town (October 4 at The Billiken Club) and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how Apparitions sounds live.


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