Kathryn Calder – Are You My Mother?

During my first trip to see The New Pornographers (pics here), one of my takeaways was that most of my favorite tracks on their latest album featured vocals from Kathryn Calder, and not necessarily the more famous Neko Case. So naturally, I was curious to check out Calder’s debut solo album, Are You My Mother? (File Under: Music). Recorded in her home studio, the album feels like Calder is welcoming you into a more intimate environment, which can feel a little strange if you come in expecting the sugar-pop of The New Pornographers. Sure, there are upbeat songs like “Castor and Pollux” and “Follow Me Into the Hills” but most of Are You My Mother? is subdued, which is more understandable when realizing that the context of the album’s creation revolves around Calder caring for and ultimately losing her mother. So while it’s not a guarantee that being a fan of The New Pornographers will automatically translate into being a fan of Are You My Mother?, it may serve as an interesting supplement, one to pull out for those more contemplative moments.

There’s a cute video for the track “Slip Away” here. Recommended if you like cute bunnies or UFO abductions.


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