Javelin @ The Luminary Center for the Arts } 8.5.10

Javelin @ The Luminary Center for the Arts - 8.5.10

Representing Brooklyn and their party-jam attitude, the duo Javelin littered the stage with painted and broken boom boxes, very fitting of the high-energy sound they were about to unleash onto the Luminary Center. Retro hip-hop, glossy pop, electro beats, backing 80s/90s video snippets and even kazoo solos somehow were distilled into digestible tracks, but the key ingredient was the pair’s energy. Singer Tom Van Buskirk barely stopped moving, taking every opportunity to jump and move around. And drummer George Langford’s arms never seemed to stop hitting something, whether it be drum pads or cowbells. Looking for something to get you moving? Check out their most recent album, No Mas.

More talky talk after the jump.

The Javelin set was a great treat for those coming early to see Warpaint. (Go here for the Warpaint set.) My only disappointment was that I was hoping to buy the shirt below, but they had packed up by the time I had left. Oh well, onward to more pics!

Were you there? Did you enjoy the set? Feel free to leave a comment!












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