Bear In Heaven @ The Luminary Center for the Arts } 7.31.10

Day 2 of probably my most anticipated back-to-back concerts this summer. The night before, we had a great concert by Cults (check out that set here) and as great as that was, the Brooklyn group Bear In Heaven put on possibly the best show I’ve seen this summer. The dark and hypnotic melodies and thumping beats matched the killed lights punctuated by strobes. Their latest album, Beast Rest Forth Mouth, wasn’t an album I expected to pick up or enjoy, but it’s quietly becoming one of my favorite albums of the year, and to hear its songs played with such intensity live only helps to cement its place on my Top 10 list at year-end. Those who keep tabs on me during shows know this old man usually takes off before most concerts end. This time around, I stuck around for the whole thing, even waiting a few minutes, just to have the chance to shake Jon Philpot’s hand and tell him thanks for coming through STL.

Enough gushing. More pictures and notes after the jump.

Random Notes:

-I really dig that grey Bear In Heaven shirt. Too bad they only had XL left.

-The cover to Beast Rest Forth Mouth still kind of creeps me out.

-While totally fitting for their mood, the dim lights and strobes were crazy to try and fight against during shooting. But on a positive note, it was a great crash course in metering and being patient enough to let the strobes work in your favor.

-Missed out on Twin Sister as the opening act. I heard they were quite good.

-Ok. Big rant for the evening. To all concert photographers, please be considerate with your flashes. I understand it just helps in some situations to have some flash. But to the young gentleman who was climbing all over the front row and the stage to pop a bunch of flashes in the band’s faces, please cut that out. I felt bad for the crowd especially when he shot from the back corners of the stage, which basically shot the flashes in the direction of the crowd. Maybe on any other night, it wouldn’t have been as noticeable, but when Bear In Heaven basically doesn’t have any lights, any flash is 10x more noticeable. I saw one kid in the front row taking a picture of how obnoxious this photographer was behaving and I’m just imagining it’s going to show up online soon with some nasty comments.

-To end on a lighter note, here’s the conversation I had with my wife leaving to go to the concert:

Wife: “What’s the name of the band?”

Me: “Bear In Heaven”

Wife: “That’s a silly name. They should have a cooler name, like Battlestar Galactica.”


5 thoughts on “Bear In Heaven @ The Luminary Center for the Arts } 7.31.10

  1. Great show. I love the pictures. You really missed out on Twin Sister. They were soooo spot on. I completely agree about the photographer. It was my friend who was trying to get him to stop. We all were pretty mad. You should have seen the photographer with Twin Sister. All up in the lead singers face, putting the camera maybe a foot away from her nose.

    • Thanks Chris!

      I did end up checking out Twin Sister’s albums that were available on their website. Not sure if it was really my thing, but I still wish I could have gotten there earlier to take pictures of them.

      Ugh, sorry you guys were the ones put through all that with the photographer. I couldn’t imagine the bands to be thrilled with flashes that close. But I’m glad you guys expressed your unhappiness with his behavior. Hopefully it’ll change things for the better.

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