Cults @ The Luminary Center for the Arts } 7.30.10

On the way down to the show, I thought I’d get myself revved up by playing Cults songs. That endeavor lasted approximately 8 minutes and 43 seconds. With only 3 songs to their name (all available free on their Bandcamp page), everyone seemed to be wondering what a full-set of material would be like.

The answer? Pretty cute. Pretty awesome.

Playing with a full band, the abbreviated set (due to van troubles) showcased some new songs (apparently still unnamed too!) that definitely made a lot of people excited for what’s to come.

Notes, more pics, and even some outtakes after the jump:

Random Notes:

-The RFT has a great write-up on the concert. Go check it out.

-While I still wish the best for the band and the venue, the small crowd of about 90 made for a great intimate setting where you could enjoy the show sitting down or standing without feeling crowded.

-Word is that Cults are coming back later this year. Just for suspense, I won’t ruin the surprise where they’re playing and who they’re opening for.

-I still find it funny that a band called Cults played a show at a venue owned by The Journey.  (EDIT: Sorry, that statement actually isn’t true. They are separate non-for-profits and just rent the space.)

…and now some outtakes!

The band commented how hot it was. I thought this nicely illustrated that feeling.

See you next time, St. Louis!


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