Maps & Atlases @ The Firebird } 7.06.10

It seems like Maps & Atlases was always opening up for someone else whenever they showed up in town, but this time the Chicago quartet were headlining their own tour, bringing their math-folk sounds to a pretty eager crowd at The Firebird. Their set featured songs from their newest album, Perch Patchwork, which was just released by Barsuk. Check it out.

Check out more pictures and notes after the jump.

Random Notes:

-The bassist has the most peculiar movements during his playing. I can only describe it as “bass prancing.”

-A LOT of young kids came out for the show. Any music with “math” in the description isn’t an automatic sale, so M&A must be doing a lot right to have such a fanbase.

-I really had my eyes on their new “Monster” t-shirt, but $18 definitely seemed a bit steep. At the risk of showing my age, I recall shirts usually being $10-15. Is that no longer the case?


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