Drink Up Buttercup @ The Firebird } 7.06.10

Before the set, house-photographer Bryan Sutter said something along the lines that based on their soundcheck, Drink Up Buttercup could make for an incredible opener for Maps & Atlases. That turned out to be very true. Between the mannequin heads bonded to the drums and keyboards and the random owl on top of an amp, the Philly group grabbed everyone’s attention and then some. It was like Fleet Foxes meets vintage garage rock with a screamo performance. So weird. Yet so awesome.

Go here for the Maps & Atlases pictures.

More talky talk and pictures after the break.

Random Notes:

-Bassist Ben Mazzochetti chatted me up at the merch table exclaiming how much of a fan he was of my iFanboy/Fear Agent shirt. Apparently, he’s a huge comics fan, specifically loving Fear Agent, Tony Moore, and The Walking Dead. Instant geek connection. I told him about the AMC/Walking Dead TV series on its way. He told me to read The Goon.

-Apparently, a lot of their equipment was broken. Seeing the physical nature of their live show, with members bouncing all over the place, it’s completely understandable why.

-The female mannequin heads still kind of creep me out.


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