O’Brother @ Off Broadway } 6.30.10

On their last night of their tour with Deas Vail at Off Broadway, I’m pretty sure that the Atlanta noise rock band, O’Brother, has probably left many attendees on this tour unsure about how to react to their music. The thick reverberations of guitars and firing drums stood nowhere near the bright pop to come from Deas Vail later on. A few fans plugged their ears. I heard another comment about how loud it was. As for me, I completely loved it. O’Brother plays with an intensity that caught my attention. Hair flying, guitar pedal stomping, double drums, all culminating in Deas Vail members joining in for a four-guitar explosion. Sign me up as a new fan.

Go here for pictures of the Deas Vail set.

Notes and pictures after the jump.

Random notes:

-I cannot wait for them to come back to St. Louis and thankfully they will in August at The Firebird. Before that they’ll be on tour with Circa Survive, but it looks like the St. Louis date is a solo show by O’Brother.

-I briefly talked to bassist Anton Dang, who told me that they were on the Manchester Orchestra / Thrice tour earlier this year that was cancelled at the last minute. They had actually driven all the way to The Pageant and found out then about the cancellation. Ouch.

-Possibly the only occurrence I’ve seen where the Asian members have more head and facial hair than the other band members.

-To date, it looks like they have two EPs and one 7”. Hope they add a full-length album to their discography soon.


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