Deas Vail @ Off Broadway } 6.30.10

Hailing from Russellville, Arkansas, the melodic pop group Deas Vail made their way back to St. Louis, just a few months after their last appearance here opening for Owl City. This time around, they were the main attraction, playing before a devoted group of fans at Off Broadway. For fans of melodic pop in the vein of Mae, you might want to check them out on tour this summer, most notably on the Warped Tour in August. Key-clad armbands not included.

Enough talky-talk. Let’s see some pictures and notes after the jump.

Random Notes:

-Some band members sported gauze (?) armbands with a key attached. Apparently, the internet tells me that they represent the theme of freedom from cages, in line with the title of their last album.

-Apparently one of the notable residents of Russellville is ex-NBA player Corliss Williamson (aka “The Big Nasty”). Ah, the glory days of the Detroit Pistons.

-I’ve had their last album, Birds and Cages, for a while and before seeing them tonight, I will admit to not completely loving it as much as I would have hoped to. But now after the show, I want to revisit the album as I felt like little things like seeing the excitement of bassist Justin Froning or the urgency to the posturing of singer Wes Blaylock provided connections that elevated the live versions of their songs over their smoothed out album counterparts.

-It’s “Vail,” not “Veil.” I don’t know how many times I’ve had to correct myself.


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