The Lion & The Sail @ Old Rock House } 6.29.10

The seven-piece outfit, The Lion and The Sail, liken themselves to Why?, Death Cab, and Say Anything on their bio, but hearing their set at the Old Rock House made me think more of their Tyler, TX friends, Eisley, of whom they were opening for. Certainly that’s not a bad thing at all, and through their swirling guitar and keyboard work and the driving dual-female vocals, I definitely enjoyed what I heard. Check outThe Lion and The Sail and their Things to Say EP.

Go here for pictures of sets by Eisley and Christie Dupree.

More pictures and talky talk after the jump.

Random Notes:

-I hope we get a full-length album from them in the near future.

-Apparently they were called The Dawn Treader before. I’m presuming the current name is also a Narnia reference.

-The theme of family came up a few times between their excitement over touring with their hometown friends Eisley to how they see themselves as a band. I still enjoy hearing things like that from bands.

-One band member gave me the thumbs up when he saw my Secret Wars shirt. +1 nerd point.


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