The Dodos @ The Pageant } 6.28.10

Originally a duo, now a trio, The Dodos seem to be enjoying their stint opening for The New Pornographers, and with The Dutchess and The Duke not on the bill in STL, the band enjoyed a nice and elongated set. To possibly a large crowd who maybe hadn’t heard of them before, The Dodos with Meric Long (singer/guitarist) and Logan Kroeber (drums) seemingly converted a few fans to their cool and smooth folk that occasionally is punctuated by noise fits. Be sure to try out their latest album, Time To Die.

Shot for Eleven Magazine.

More pictures and notes (with embarrassing Dodos story) after the jump.

Go here for pictures of The New Pornographers.

Random Notes:

-So a few years ago, when The Dodos were playing Pitchfork Festival, I had no idea who they were. Not being very knowledgable of the indie scene at that time (not like I am now either), it was until about midway through their set that I realized that they weren’t Fleet Foxes.

-Local reaction to the group has been mixed. I think their sound and vibe would work much better in a smaller club (which is nothing to fault the band for). After hearing them again, I feel like The Dodos are very straight-forward with their music and I wonder if people disappointed were hoping for the band to have some gimmick.

-Loving the addition of a percussionist to the band.

I Went To a Show is most likely doing a write-up that is 100x better than this one. (I’ll update the link once its posted)

-I learned that The Dodos are on also on Frenchkiss Records, which harbors a lot of bands that I’ve been digging and seeing lately.

-The group played a song after seeing a Twitter request. Welcome to the future!

-A Dodo fan proposed to his girlfriend on stage after their set. Neat or not?


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