Eisley @ Old Rock House } 6.29.10

Ever since picking up their 2005 debut album, Room Noises (and their stellar follow-up album Combinations), I’ve always hoped (but failed) to see Eisley during their stops in St. Louis. Not this time. Midway through their current Mild Mild Midwest tour, the Tyler, TX crew stopped in Wednesday evening to play before an eager crowd at the Old Rock House. Melancholy pop harmonies floated through the crowd, making their way outside the building to any Cardinals fans lucky enough to be walking along South 7th Street during their set. To hear the DuPree sisters harmonize through a song is already an incredible thing to hear on a recording. To see and hear it in person was just amazing.

More pictures and notes after the jump.

Random Notes:

-Poor Weston DuPree and his drums were pushed all the way to the back left corner of the stage. Whether by choice or not, I felt a bit sorry for him having to be so physically isolated from the others.

-It still amazes me how stacked the DuPree family is with incredible singers/musicians (even more emphasized with little sister Christine opening for Eisley). The DuPree family is to female indie pop singers as the Molina family is to MLB catchers.

-Their third full-length album is floating around in we-left-Warner Bros limbo. Sounds like it’ll be released sometime this year. Certainly looking forward to it and the songs they played from it sounded great.

Diana Benati talks way more coherently about the show here on the RFT’s A-Z Blog.

-After the show, my wife reminded me that one of our first dates was supposed to be an Eisley show, but we ended up bailing on it. She isn’t a music fan, so it was cute how she read up and did her homework on the band beforehand to try and impress me.

-It was my first time to the Old Rock House, which has a very classy feel to it and is an interesting venue mixing the grandeur of The Pageant and the intimacy of other smaller venues. It’s a great place to take non-concert goers, who might be turned off by the stereotype of a grimy concert venue. From a photography standpoint, the narrowness of the stage room hurts (especially with the tables) and doesn’t allow for sideshots.


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