The New Pornographers @ The Pageant } 6.28.10

Monday was a night of a few “firsts” for me. First time officially shooting at The Pageant. First time experiencing a photo pit. And foremost, the first time seeing The New Pornographers. I’m new to the group, only having listened to their latest album, Together, which I’ve come to enjoy more and more with each listen. I enjoyed the few songs I did recognize and filed away some mental notes to check their previous works.

Shot for Eleven Magazine.

Enough talking for now, see more pictures after the jump.

Random Notes:

-I thought it was funny how Dan Bejar just wanders on and off stage depending on whether he’s participating on the song or not.

-The band’s set was a little strange: Newman forgot the lyrics to one song and the whole band completely stopped the song to discuss, the whistling bit on “Crash Years” was really off, and some band members just seemed really detached during their performance. I’ve heard the band is pretty laid back, but does it usually translate into this?

-Kind of interesting to find out that Kathryn Calder was behind some of vocals that I enjoyed from the new album that I presumed were Neko Case’s.


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