All The Day Holiday @ The Firebird } 6.23.10

I usually don’t have a habit of talking to bands, but when I got to The Firebird, I ran into Daniel Simmons, the lead singer of All The Day Holiday. He was an extremely pleasant guy to talk with, even when I admitted that I hadn’t heard his band’s music before and didn’t even know that he was the lead singer/guitarist. Oops.

Anyways, fast-forward to their set, opening for Lovedrug, and I have to say there was something about their swirling sounds that I really enjoyed. Maybe it was the soaring instrumentals or the simple earnestness of the group. Or maybe because Daniel didn’t cop an attitude when I said I hadn’t heard their stuff before. Instead, he just smiled and laughed and still thanked me for coming.

Be sure to check them out at Cornerstone Festival if you’re there or check out their album, The Things We’ve Grown to Love.

See pictures of Lovedrug’s set.

More pictures of ATDH after the jump.


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