Lovedrug @ The Firebird } 6.23.10

From the bio of Lovedrug:

“Six months later… the scotch is gone. The day has come. The songs are there, waiting to be heard. Driving slowly to the day job I think to myself, what happens now?”

I’ve missed out on most of Lovedrug’s musical career, the one that apparently took the indie-rock group from Ohio to endless touring instead of public stardom. But if you continue reading their bio, the misfortunes have given the band a visible swagger that help add more emotion to their live show.

“Bad luck is a spirit woman and she is ubiquitous. But you can’t help but love her just a little. Her sense of humor is jacked up, but you have to admit, funny. The crazy part is, a lot of times she actually steers you in the right direction!”

I think the young crowd of Lovedrug fans last night at The Firebird were glad Lovedrug didn’t give up. Do yourself a favor and check out their new EP – Part II.

More pics after the jump.


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