Beirut @ The Pageant w/Laetitia Sadier } 10.09.11

Beirut @ The Pageant

Especially as a photographer, I admit that I’m biased towards artists/bands that go out of their way to entertain and excite. Guitarists doing jump kicks, emcees storming the barricades, bone shattering beats… Beirut has none of that. But the Santa Fe / Brooklyn crew proved you don’t need to resort to tricks to pull off a powerhouse show, leaving the crowd at the Pageant in full adoration and awe.

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Quick Preview: Beirut @ The Pageant

Beirut @ The Pageant

I normally reserve the preview shots for great close-up portraits, but I couldn’t help myself with this one.

Beirut’s generous photography policy allowed me to explore the venue for different perspectives, so there’s a ton to sift through.

More pictures and full post to come in a few days.