Concert Photography

New Found Glory @ The Pageant w/Yellowcard, Tigers Jaw } 11.08.15

New Found Glory @ The Pageant

Chatting with some folks at the bar before the show, it was interesting to see how everyone filled in this sentence: “I remember being in [insert educational level] when New Found Glory first blew up.” I was on the elder-end of that conversation, with their self-titled and Sticks and Stones albums coming out while I was in college. And while I may not be keeping up with the genre as closely as I once did, I am enjoying the celebration-lap tours and New Found Glory came out swinging with an eternally youthful zeal. Opening for the evening were their good friends in Yellowcard and the relative-newcomers Tigers Jaw (who I was very curious to see based on some recommendations).

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Scarlet Tanager / Search Parties @ Music Record Shop } 11.01.15

Scarlet Tanager @ Music Record Shop

Headed down to the Grove last week on a lazy Sunday to check out Music Record Shop‘s local band showcase, this time featuring a double bill of Search Parties and Scarlet Tanager.

Every time someone asks for advice for new concert photographers, my main go-to response is to seek out in-stores like these and between MRS and Vintage Vinyl, there are tons of (free) opportunities to practice in stable environments (with even tons of great daylight at MRS) before you try jumping to the mid-sized venues.

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Los Angelics @ Blank Space } 10.25.15

Los Angelics @ Blank Space

The electro-rock trio Los Angelics made their first trip to St. Louis over the weekend, headlining a show at Blank Space while on their current Systems Check Tour winding around the Midwest. The trio (Sara Coda, Pat Campo, Joz Ramirez) were kind enough to hang around after load-in for a few pics around the venue. While I miss the long evenings daylight now with Fall in full swing, Blank Space has enough quirk in their interior for hosting shoots. Los Angelics’ newest EP, Land of the Brave & Dangerous, is out now and you can get a taste of their sound here. Thanks to the trio and the gang at Big Picture Media for setting this up.

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Foxing @ Vintage Vinyl } 10.24.15

Foxing @ Vintage Vinyl

With their sophomore album, Dealer, out this Friday, Foxing treated their hometown fans to a special preview performance at Vintage Vinyl. Friends and families packed the store to celebrate and help the band prep for their upcoming international tour. It’s an exciting time for such a young band and it was neat to hang out in the store last weekend to witness it.

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Passion Pit @ The Pageant w/Atlas Genius } 10.19.15

Passion Pit @ The Pageant

The last time I shot Passion Pit I was tucked far away in the wings of the Peabody Opera House, but for their latest stop through St. Louis, the upfront photo pit of The Pageant was my residence for the evening and made for a more enjoyable (and at times challenging) time capturing singer Michael Angelakos and crew. Thanks also to Atlas Genius for the rock and roll fun that night.

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